When people ask if I’ve been writing much lately, I always tell them about my blog. My writing career… all condensed into little paragraph-sized blurbs.

Does this count as writing? Sometimes I wonder, especially when so many people have a blog. It makes me feel fairly insignificant. Have you ever pressed the “Next Blog>>” button on the top of my page? That’s when you start to get a sense of how many are out there. Why are you on my page right now anyway? You must think I have something to say.

Doesn’t it matter that I have hundreds of pages of fiction sitting idly in my computer(s)? Doesn’t that say something about my qualifications?

Why, no, of course no one’s reading it, but it’s still there. Doesn’t that count for anything? You know, maybe it’ll be like Emily Dickinson’s stuff, not worth anything till I’m dead. And then some family member will pull it out and say, “Oh, my, look at all she had to say.”

Not much.

She had lots of ideas but none of them came out clearly enough for anyone to understand. Too bad. It all has to be thrown away.

Wasted her time, poor girl.

Unless… I can get it out there now. Then I can waste yours.

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