Do you know what it’s like to be lonely? Do you feel the detachment of it?

Or, at the same time, have you ever wanted to break free, but you have to cling to the only warm bodies you have around you? If you don’t, you might freeze. Or starve. Or fall.

I know a man who knew loneliness. Oh, he did. And I never saw him cling to friendships, though he had a few. He clung to his daddy. Oh, people thought he wasn’t a man for it. They called him a blasphemer and a fraud. They said he should stand up and do what everybody else was doing — look like them, say things a certain way, do this and that. But he really just wanted to be free. So, in spite of the ridicule, he did. He broke free. They killed him.

Oh, I wonder what they’d say. Do you suppose they’d kill me too?

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