Someday better than today, I’ll invite you over. The sun will be slanting through the blinds and the grass will be greener than ever. Somebody’s worship music will be drifting through the room. Somebody like Michael Card or Keith Green or Chris Tomlin. Maybe all of them taking turns.
The house’ll be clean. Just to see it will lift my spirits higher.
Fresh gerbera daisies will be smiling on the table. They always look happiest in that lime green vase of mine. It would be nice if everything is ready on time. But even if it isn’t, it won’t be a problem because you can help me with the finishing touches. You don’t mind; you’re just that way.
We’ll talk about enjoying the sunshine, but we’ll probably opt to just stay inside. We have the whole day to enjoy the weather. For the moment, we’ll be content at the table next to the kitchen, where your hair shines because of the way the sun peeks through the window. When we’ve had our fill of arranging plates of food, and when I know you feel right at home, I’ll pour the tea.
Then, we’ll sit down and have ourselves a good talk.

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