“I must be obedient or I’ll miss them all. There are too many coming to not be writing.” -08.june.2005

I believe the stories come from God. I believe the dreams did too. They crept up on me and surprised me with their drama, their wit, their truth. I had very little — okay, nothing — to do with it. And even now… I was compelled. Compelled, I tell you.

Shoot, I’m running out of time if I don’t start today. What’ll happen to the stories if I don’ t get them down, ink on paper? They’ll die, that’s what. They’ll die.

Boom — NOW! — there it was. And I HAD to write before I forgot. I’ve forgotten songs, and dreams, and tasks. But I don’t have to. I choose to.

I believe.


Dear Reader (yes, I really am talking to YOU), I’m just curious — what does all this mean to you? I posted it because I thought it might be interesting to you. So, you can take it or leave it… but I’d be interested to know which one.

    • M
    • June 9th, 2005

    The first one if my favorite. That one is compelling for me. Not only is it an inspiring commentary on writing, but in my mind it is transformed into the power of writing and feelings and expressing yourself as a witness for Christ. Don’t ask me why–but my mind is double timing on this one in those two areas. I really like that. I might put it on the board at school for my kids. Carrie, I miss you. School is out in a week; I’ll call you. Are you still coming to Detroit at all this summer? Love you so much, Me

    • Luke
    • June 10th, 2005

    I believe.

    ‘Cause I do.

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