I’ve acquired a bit of habit in my housework. As dorky as Flylady.net sounds, and as disturbingly popular as it is, it really has been a lifesaver in the way of helping me establish healthy routines for my day. I’m not saying I have them down pat. Some days I soar; some days I crash and burn. But in the overall scope of things, God has been working overtime in that area of my life. The results are obvious.

That’s it: “the results are obvious.” My house is consistently cleaner than ever.

One of the most helpful gems I’ve learned in this process is that I must let go of my perfectionism. I didn’t even know I was a perfectionist, but apparently, yes, perfectionism is what holds a wife back from cleaning her house… because she doesn’t have enough time (or motivation) to do it the “right” way. So… I let the perfectionism go. Oh, sure, sometimes I try to pick it back up again, but overall, the idea of letting it go makes sense to me now. Flylady taught me that “housework done incorrectly still blesses your family.”

Now, before you start making fun of me, let me just say — I’m excited! You know why? Because I finally have a versatile enough tool to use in my writing disciplines. Perhaps perfectionism is what keeps me from writing. And because I cling to that perfectionism, I have low self-esteem due to the fact that I’m a writer who doesn’t write (at least not enough to be considered a “writer”). But if I let that go, and just make writing a habit, even if it’s the raunchiest writing you’ve ever read, I’ll be more of a writer than ever. Ha!

    • Luke
    • July 21st, 2005

    Congratulations! You have the distinction of writing the first blog I’ve ever read where the word “raunchiest”, or any of its variations, have been used!

    • c.l.beyer
    • July 21st, 2005


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