Why do you come, when you know all you’ll find is a land stripped bare? Is it really worth your journey, when death is the likely outcome? You’ve seen corpses of your relatives, lying abondoned — alone. Yet you still come. Must you test the authority of this land till they’re compelled to exterminate you all?
I’ve seen you drag yourself through pollen, coming through it, coated like a candy. I’ve seen you crawl and dig for that meager scrap of food that everyone else — even I — overlooked. Do those desperate searches really fill you? Do they really satisfy your cravings?
Search for the world of deeper fulfillment. Go back to your home, where the grass and dirt feel cool against your feet, and the sun rests warmly upon your backs.

You won’t do it, will you?

Stupid, stubborn ants.

    • Luke
    • August 8th, 2005

    I know some ants like that…I pray for them.

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