autumn wish

When the crispness* of autumn rolls in,
and I can get away with wearing long sleeves again;
when I crack open a good book,
pulled from my old school bag;
when the breeze reaches me from the window,
as a read a precious, handwritten letter;
when I can sit outside the coffee shop in the morning
without the weight of humidity upon me;
when a walk in the park sounds better
than an air-conditioned night with a movie;
when those books keep cracking open
and my journal keeps calling
and my school bag feels so natural on my shoulder
and I develop a strange hunger to learn;
I wish I could be, like you,…

…a student again!

*Although 80 degrees may not define crispness by your standards, it would if you had experienced over 100-degree temperatures just two days before.

    • Luke
    • October 3rd, 2005

    Readers you still have. Readers who appreciate your honesty in words.


    • Anonymous
    • October 3rd, 2005

    You are my inspiration, Carrie. Keep blogging!!

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