bird in a cage, in two parts

Cold, blocking bars
and eyes
and words.
They tell you lies.
You believe them
he bars
a re
wa y
and then everything’s
dis to rted.
Someone told me:
“Don’t expect them –
or her –
to believe
or behave
like you do.”
So I’m not surprised –
really –
but still sad.This is probably
the only warning
you’ll get
about the vigil.

Freedom –
warning or no –
is always glorious.

* * *
The people have been gathering around your cage, and you’re a wounded bird. They’re sick, those people. Sometimes I think it’s sick as in demented, but I have to remind myself it’s sick as in sick — ill, infected, unhealthy. But they tell you lies, and you believe them because you’re in a cage. A cage! — and you have bars blocking truth.
I want to see you break free. I know it’s hard because once you break through the bars of your own cage, there’s all those people.
We’re planning a vigil for freedom. For your freedom. It’s been “help,” “help,” “help.” And I guess it still is “help,” but we’re gonna shout it louder, shout it longer, shout it together.
For freedom!
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