nothing to say

I’ve been challenged to blog every day, but what do I say? I want something big to say, something monumental, something drenched in truth. But sometimes — usually — I don’t feel any significance in my conglomeration of thoughts:

fragments of praise – faded dreams – frustration – loneliness – yearning for fellowship with real people – yearning for home – hope for words – searching for significance, purpose, love – self love – self hatred – fear – contentment – thankfulness – hunger – knowledge and conceit for it – regret for not admitting fault – regret for admitting it too often – pleasure – sorrow welling up hard in my throat- joy spilling out like a river from my soul – confusion – pride – music – love – friendships begun – friendships scattered, shattered – truth and ignorance – victory – everyday plodding – jealousy – culture – narrowness – broadness – new dreams and passion – I’ve only begun

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