missionary prayer

Jesus, where and who are Your true missionaries? I read [in From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya] about men like Paul and Peter who carried Your name without political baggage. If they were a citizen of [any] country, they were a citizen of the true, Holy Spirit-filled Church of God. And then there were believers like Polycarp and Perpetua, who would rather have… endured slaughter [and did!] than defame Your name!
And then I read about Boniface and Columba, to whom spreading the Gospel [seemed] to be more about expanding a political power agenda than exalting the Name above all Names! I don’t know, and I can’t judge, but things certainly looked different in their day than it seems You intended.
Where are the true missionaries? And may I be one of them?
I fear that [in America,]… to be a Christian means nothing; it’s rather like saying one is a good citizen. And I want to be more than a good citizen. I want to be Your ambassador. In fact, if being Your child and ambassador means I have to be a bad citizen, let me be a bad citizen!
Give me the courage to love people. Give me the courage to exalt Your Name above all other names. Give the courage to die if that’s the plan You have for me — only so that the Name of Jesus Christ may be exalted and proclaimed.
Dear Lord — my Father — and dear Jesus, my Redeemer, I know in my heart that Jesus is the reason I can be forgiven of my deep sin and Jesus is the reason I can live eternally. But help these things make more sense to me so I can tell others about this miraculous plan for the salvation of mankind!…
All glory and honor to You. Amen.

written 28.october.2005

    • Yonka
    • November 2nd, 2005

    Your prayer was beautiful and I often wonder about these same things. You have read mind metaphorically. Walking around campus I see it all day people walking around unaware of the mortal danger their lives are in all because they refuse to make a decision.
    Just wanted you to know I appreciate what you said. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

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