receiving praise

You know how you praised me the other day? The words of blessing just kept flowing out and I couldn’t stop them. I couldn’t say a single thing out loud, though my heart shouted, “No! No! No!” The tears welled up in my throat and hurt so badly because I wouldn’t let them out.

I witnessed more praise this morning, not from you but from God via Paul. He said something about “work of faith” and “labor of love” and “patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” I wondered if the Thessalonians could take that type of praise better than I could have. How could there be that much good to say?

You said someone “laid it on thick” yesterday. They mean to praise you — genuinely, I think — although I doubt you realize it. Maybe you think there’s some ulterior motive or something.

Sometimes I hate to look at the good because there’s so much work to do, you know? With me. With you. With everybody. But sometimes I wonder what will happen if I don’t look at the good. Will I just rot? Will you?

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