january fifth

And then they stopped — the empty words, the clattering of my brain. They reached to God and asked for power and meaning. And God said, “I will give in my time. I will make all things new.”God kept his promise to Abraham. The son was promised — again and again — and the promise was kept to the very letter. So God will give the words He has for me. He will not hold them back to cause me pain. He will give and give and give again. As He now gives.
* * *

Drink from me–
the water
Drink from me.

Love, live, laugh,

There will be words

and drink.

* * *
My nose is sore, my eyes dry from all the crying. But I am at peace. The pain, suffering, crying — you know it would be yours, will be yours, if you would have the Saviour. The cross — it is an instrument of torture. Torture me, then, and I will sing Your praise.The itchy nose reminds me of the fight. It reminds me that the fight is not done; it is only begun. It reminds me of the soft arms — strong — the lips upon my head, saying, “My daughter, my bride.” Most precious roles ever had. I would not be other than a daughter and a bride.
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