falling in love with God

I believe we have to fall in love with God again before we desire to spend time with Him, reading His thoughts that He left with us, talking to Him in quiet whispers. We have to feel Him reaching down and touching us with a sunset, with rain, with delicious food, with the quietness of rest or the beauty of forgiveness. And all of a sudden we remember why we fell in love with Him the first place. And then it’s harder to face the day without Him; we desire Him then, in the morning hours; we need Him like we never knew we needed Him.

When we aren’t intimate with someone, we forget how much we love that person. And then it happens again, and we remember — in a wash of beauty and grace and love and peace and joy — and all we can do is catch our breath and bask in the remembering.

  1. This is so true and so encouraging also. Sometimes God comes to us in such earthy yet personal ways and it is precious.

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