the one-woman circus

I am a mom;
I am a one-woman circus–
a jungle gym,
snack bar
I can do
the juggling,
the balancing,
and dancing.
I’m a
I can stand up,
sit down,
lifting weights
with one arm.
I handle the manure,
the cries,
and the razor sharp claws.

I am a one-woman circus.

How’s the pay?
Not too great.

But the applause–
smiles, first moments,
looks of awe
and adoration–
is deafening.

    • Luke
    • April 24th, 2007

    I am woman…hear me roar. 🙂

    That’s what I kept thinking of as I read your post. *smile*

    • c.l.beyer
    • April 24th, 2007

    Ha ha! That’s hilarious, Luke.

    The thing is… sometimes I feel like roaring, too. I guess I should have put that in my poem.

    I was going to write, “I am a mom. / I write bad poetry” as a comment, but I figured it would speak for itself.

    Oh, my son’s sucking on a shoe. Better go.

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