grains for hope

I’m proud of my hometown today, doing more than I’ve ever done to wipe out world hunger. I’m proud of the people brave enough to move an idea past conception into production. I’ve met these people. Hey, I’m even related to some of them!

Sometimes I’m hard on Sabetha. I count the people in it as closed-minded — far from progressive. I figure most of them can’t see past their little corner of northeast Kansas. Well, let’s just say I’ve been proven wrong.

God bless Mrs. Spangler, a woman who cared enough to get my high school involved. Because of her, students did the research to discover the needs of people in Mozambique, and now Sabetha businesses are partnering with these kids to package and ship vitamin-fortified rice to Africa.

Watch this Topeka ABC news broadcast or check out the Grains for Hope website .

They’re really doing it — and all in my hometown of 2500 people. You wanna change the world? Move to Sabetha.

    • Brooke
    • June 28th, 2007


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