to a friend

I haven’t talked to you, checked in with you, said goodbye… anything.  So I hope you still know I care.  But just so it’s out there, I want to say that I think you’re amazing.  Shy?  Maybe.  Depressed?  Seems like it.  But hopeful.  I see that too.

You don’t have to spill it all out on the floor for me.  You’re obviously not the type of person to chatter to chase away the discomfort of silence.  But I’m here if you ever need that, you know.

I want to wish you peace and contentment.  I wish you passion for service and for worship.  I wish you more of the creativity you have spilled out so much more gracefully than I.  I wish for you direction.  Keep hoping.  It looks beautiful on you.

Oh, and p.s.:  Thanks for “[wanting me there].”  It is more hopeful.

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