an announcement, of sorts

I dream of Ethiopia, where in a city near Addis Ababa, a woman’s abdomen swells with the life inside her.  She wrestles with the attachment she has to the small, kicking being.  It’s too late now.  She never wanted to be attached, knowing motherhood will be torn from her.  But she gave away her heart long ago.  She hates the trials that will steal her dreams.  Even in sickness and poverty, she tries to keep dreaming… of hope and a future.

I will carry her baby in my arms.  I will be the one to soothe its cries, to watch it grow.  Her baby will learn to speak… not Amharic, but English.  I doubt the woman’s baby will grow up knowing what poverty and war and fear of illness feel like.  But I pray for strength to teach it what it needs to know of love, of hunger for justice, of God, and of its birth mother.

 All the days of her life, she will remember her child.  The questions and the pain and the attachment will not end as she hands over her baby.

 And I resolve not to forget her either.

*          *          * 

“45 million orphans:  I find the numbers utterly numbing.  Some 25 million Africans are infected with HIV, and only a tiny fraction has access to the expensive, lifesaving medicines.  When you add AIDS orphans to those left parentless by TB, malaria, malnourishment, drouoght, and war, the result is 45 million orphans.

“Wealthy countries must try to solve the AIDS orphan crisis with aid, fair trade, and debt relief.  Simply put: The world has to keep parents alive to stop orphaning kids.

“Adoption is not the solution.  It affects less than 1000th of 1 percent of African orphans.  But it is truly a miracle in the life of one child, and a marvelous way for a family to grow….” -Melissa Fay Greene

    • Bets
    • March 27th, 2008

    This made me cry. Beautiful.

  1. So you and Kyle are adopting? God bless your heart in this endeavor. May the attitude you have now only grow and deepen as you learn to lean on God through this.

  2. I’m weeping for this dear mother and for the world. There is just so much pain and so much love. Bless you guys.

    This is a beautiful post, Carrie.

    • Brooke
    • March 30th, 2008

    Amazing – like Bets, it made me cry.

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