beans and gas

It’s painful to pay over $47 to fill the car up with gas, like I did yesterday.  It makes a family want to research alternative modes of transportation.  Kyle and I have been looking into DART, Dallas’s public transit system.  For a daily pass of only $3, Isaiah and I can catch a nearby bus to the train station and ride to our MOPS meeting at church this morning.  The downside is it takes a little longer; the upside — I get to hold and pay attention to Isaiah the whole way.  As soon as I get familiar with the routes I need to take, I don’t think it’ll be a tough decision to choose public transit.

 Gas prices are clearly effecting grocery prices, too.  Duh.  I don’t need to tell you that.  I had vegetable beef soup on the menu this week.  It’s a good comfort food, and I had a nice loaf of fresh multigrain bread my friend and I baked I wanted to eat with it.  I usually use a beef roast in my soup, but when I got to the meat case, I couldn’t find any roasts under $15.  Fifteen bucks for a roast?  I couldn’t make myself do it. 

Here’s a thought:  it’s probably all the demand for ethanol that’s making corn prices go up, which in turn is making beef cost more to produce, since corn is all CAFO cows eat these days.  So beef has got corn prices and gas prices against it. 

On a whim, I grabbed a can of black beans and a can of red beans, and headed home with the rest of my groceries.

I made my soup with low expectations.  My improvisations in the cooking world of late have not been worth remembering, let me tell you.  I poured in my cans of beans, added a little extra salt, and hoped for the best.

It was beautiful.  Colorful.  Healthy (the most unhealthy thing in the whole soup was the tablespoon of butter in which I sauteed the veggies).  Cheap.  Hearty.  And you know what?  It was good.  (And the bread was really good, too.)  What a spoiled little miserable girl I am, I thought, to think I need meat to have a well-rounded meal.  Meat schmeat.  Who needs it?

Thank God for beans when gas is in short supply.

    • Kim
    • April 7th, 2008

    Amen, sista! Seriously…between gas and groceries…try adding two kids in diapers and one on formula. UGH. It will beat your wallet up! Thanks for sharing. -kim

  1. The title to this post makes me laugh! Love it.

    You are right about beans though. They are so versatile!

    • Rosie
    • April 17th, 2008

    I totally know what you mean. I filled my car up on Monday and it was 48.50, that is a new record for our passat. Oh, and I kind of fizzled out of writing but I am determined to make an entry tomorrow!!!
    Have a great week!!

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