from brennan manning

Disclaimer: I’m finding much truth and hope in the words of Brennan Manning tonight.  It’s as if God saved these words for me at this time in my life because, suddenly, The Ragamuffin Gospel is much more poignant to me than it was when I wrote this.

“The mature Christians I have met along the way are those who have failed and have learned to live gracefully with their failure.  Faithfulness requires the courage to risk everything on Jesus, the willingness to keep growing, and the readiness to risk failure throughout our lives” (Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel).

When I was working through my Easter-to-Easter year of disciplines, I had some precious moments with God, and that made the whole journey worth it.  But I also think I was trying to chalk up some points with the Deity.  I do that a lot.  Every month, I cowered in shame before you readers, trying to gloss over my mess-ups without being dishonest.

Tonight I was reminded how futile my human efforts are.  It takes the most humility to stand before God and everybody else and admit that I am a failure.  He will not be surprised by that admission.  As Brennan Manning heard Jesus say it one morning: “I expect more failure from you than you expect from yourself.”

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