reflections from a morning walk

We walked today — Isaiah and I.  The milk was gone, and the apples were in short supply, so we walked to the store.  There are days when I heave an inward groan at the thought of taking the stroller instead of the car.  Muggy summer air hangs over north Texas now, and the wind whips itself into your face.  But today was a good day for a walk, despite the weather.  Besides, we only needed a few groceries.

I realized this was my third destination walk in one week.  There had been one other grocery walk, and one walk to mail adoption paperwork.  In a suburb where busy streets don’t seem to be friendly to pedestrians, it seems that this practice has been making itself comfortable in our lives.

We walked across the park, and I smiled to think of my plan to become a guerilla artist this week, spreading some wisdom across my neighborhood by chalking quotes on sidewalks and tying poems to trees.

Right on cue for the day, I found a plastic American flag on a wooden stick rolled up and wedged beside the sidewalk.  I gave it to Isaiah to wave all the way to the store.  We were patriotic this Memorial Day.  I was thankful to be in the United States, as much as I mourn the nation’s shortcomings.  This is the way we celebrate our freedom, fought for by veterans honored this day:  we walk to the grocery store with cloth bags.

There is litter along the road to the grocery store.  Every time I pass it by, I wonder if I should have stopped to collect it.  We saw empty food containers.  We saw a whole cob of corn and two halves — all eaten.  And then there were scraps of metal.  I don’t know what they used to be or who comes along to pick them up and send them to the landfill.  But I wondered if Kyle and I could begin to create art like this, transforming waste to beauty.

  1. Cool idea! Such intriguing thoughts.

  2. You’re inspiring Carrie! Let me know when you decide to do some guerilla art – I’d love to join you!

    • clbeyer
    • May 27th, 2008

    Okay, Brooke. Mission one guerilla art completed this morning! I tied a handwritten copy of Robert Frost’s “A Time to Talk” poem with twine around a tree in the park. But then it rained, and the paper fell off, so I had to go rehang it, but it was all very exciting!

    Maybe we can give each other guerilla artwork challenges. What do you think?

    And what do you think of this kind of art?
    I’m starting a fruit sticker poster to hang in my kitchen.

  3. I love the fruit poster idea! Plus, it’s a project that requires you to eat fruit in order to complete it.

    I’ve been collecting tags (mostly clothing tags at this point) illustrations of birds. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet…any ideas?

    • clbeyer
    • May 27th, 2008

    You could make a dress! Ha ha! No, just kidding. We had this Archie comic book growing up, in which Betty made a dress of love notes from Archie.

    It’s hard to imagine what to do with them without seeing them. But I’m just imagining some sort of bird-shaped collage of bird tags on a big canvas. Or you could make a sculpture shaped from chicken wire or something and then cover it in tags.

    Knowing you, you could probably come up with something really incredible.

  4. you amaze me, carrie! i absolutely love reading your blog! i wish we lived closer and could hang out all the time. but since we can’t, i would love to join the guerilla art club with you!! what a great idea!
    and i want to see that hair! i still owe you an e-mail…sorry! 😦

    • clbeyer
    • May 28th, 2008

    It made my night, hearing from you. 🙂

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