Mil? Isaiah says, and I fill his cup with more milk.  I forget to make him say please.

There is hunger.

Yesterday I raked myself over the coals for spending yet another fortune on groceries.  I hate the way it cuts into our budget, especially now that I’m on a raw diet.  I bemoaned the state of our nation and its rising grocery costs. 

There’s no food left in the village….  Aid agencies say there’s not enough food in the country.

And then on Renee’s blog, Steppin’ Heavenward, I learned of the food crisis that has entangled Ethiopia in its hateful clutches.  I watched the BBC news clip “Ethiopia faces food crisis.”  Shame flooded over me for thinking I have food troubles and a tight budget.  Shame on me.  Shame on me!

We barely eat once a day, and there are days we don’t eat at all.

Last night, one of the children died here, another the night before, two the night before that…. The sister believes we’re at the start of this crisis and not the end.

I realize it’s hard to care deeply about crises half a world away.  But if it’s the mother of your baby or your baby who may be starving for food at this very moment…

Oh, God…

  1. it IS hard. thank you for helping me remember…

    • Bets
    • June 15th, 2008

    a good reminder to us all. Thank you for this post.

  1. June 27th, 2008

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