day two (in which beans bite me in the butt)

This morning, I spent only $52 on groceries for the week, and that includes a meal for guests on Sunday.  Last night, I had soaked dry pinto beans in water, so I could boil them this morning.  It’s cheaper that way.  I planned my four morning errands, feeling confident and completely on target with all of my goals.

I forgot I was a catastrophe waiting to happen.

My beans were done cooking at 8.45 this morning.  That is the time I left home with Isaiah to go get the tires rotated and balanced.  After hitting the library and two grocery stores (where an unearthly wind flung the car door against my legs whenever I would try to get Isaiah out of his carseat), we went home.  I remember thinking it smelled funny in the garage.  And then I remembered the beans.  Oh, the beans.  They only cooked an extra three hours.

My frugality slapped me in the face.  You don’t understand how much chocolate cake I want to eat right now.

But in the spirit of gratitude, I must say I am thankful for (7) the chilly wind gusting through our house right now.  It has earned my forgiveness.

  1. Oh, bummer. I hate it when my “frugality” or good deed turns out poorly. I am impressed with your gratitude attitude. Its a good example for me.

  2. Darn—better luck next time!
    Glad you’re playing along anyway

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