resisting the “blue-screen universe”

This is the time when Isaiah lies down for his nap, and all I want to do is quit… for hours.  The avalanche of undone work may pummel me when he wakes up, but for now, all I can think of is the moment.  I decide it isn’t worthwhile to fight.

Tonia from study in brown had this to say today:

“our modern world homogenizes the years: air-conditioned, ever-green, halogen-lit.  we rise to the beep of an alarm clock and not the sun, stay awake late by the light of a blue-screen universe, measure progress by the numbers in our checkbook.  but we were not made to live this way.  though the circle of time and season is written in the heavens, laced through the branches of every tree, carved into the earth by seed and stalk and fruit and grave, we have forgotten how to join it.

every day is not the same day; the cycles of the sun and the moon and the twirl of the planet are a cadence on which we can be carried, a beat we can lean into, pulse, sway; a rhythm we can dance with instead of resist.”

Maybe tomorrow will be a day of rest.  But today I will dance.

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