i interrupt this silence with an important message…

Church lasted half an hour today, and since we were fifteen minutes late, it lasted fifteen minutes for us.  Pastor Pete preached on love — the kind of love by which people will know we are disciples of Jesus.  We didn’t know it was coming, but at the end of his message, Pete asked our church to help fill the local food banks.  Metrocrest Food Pantry was full at the beginning of last week; today it is empty.  There is need.  And the body of Jesus Christ — we are the need-fillers. 

Ushers handed out a little paper, mapping out nearby grocery stores and a list of most needed items at the food bank.  We all huddled together and said, “Break!”  And then we were commissioned to storm the local grocery stores to shop for the people who can’t afford to shop for themselves. We’re taking food to an empty parking lot, where trucks are sitting until mid-afternoon today, being loaded up to take the food where it needs to go.

About ten area churches partnered with ours in this effort to feed the hungry.  It is not only our church, but the Church.  The hands and feet of Jesus do not keep themselves within the walls of a church building, or even within the walls of a denomination.  Tonight, we are praising Jesus together.

I just had to tell you because I had this surge of excitement to really be part of feeding the hungry right now.  Not next month, or next year, when I’ve gotten my act together and my theology on giving all straightened out.  But now, together with my brothers and sisters.

I wonder what it would look like for the Church in every city — big and small — to break out their wallets and feed the hungry, on the count of one… two… three.  Would it endanger hunger itself?

  1. It’s good to see you post again.
    I pray all the needs be met in your area, quickly.
    Isaiah 58 has been on my heart lately, and I pray that as we all have needs, we remember the needs of others as well, and step in to practically meet those needs when they arise.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers, sister!

  2. Yay! It’s good to read a post from you again! That is a really cool thing your church did today. I’ve been brainstorming how the holidays can be a time of giving for our family. . . . So this fits in with my train of thought just now.

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