to my oldest son, on the brink of adventures

My dear Isaiah,

You knew I needed a day like today, didn’t you, before we swing into tomorrow, when my title of “Teacher” is added to  “Mommy”?  It’s almost as if you if you’ve read over my idealistic plans and decided that, given my set of circumstances — with an active three-year-old and a baby who doesn’t know the value of continuous sleep — I’d need all the help I can get.

And so in your quiet time you surprised me by folding all the laundry.  Even the socks, my boy, were paired and tucked into circles.  Tonight you cleaned your room, dusted furniture, put toys away, vacuumed our dining room rug.  And all you asked for was a bit of coffee ice cream.

Tomorrow you’ll stay home from  your preschool, and I’ll get to take you to into nature instead, one of my favorite schools of all.  We’ll observe scenery, create art, and explore.  I want you to think I’m the real deal, someone who can teach you all the things you need to know as a boy of five.  But of course I’m scared to death of failing or making you bored or missing something I could have introduced to your open, creative mind.

So on the brink of tomorrow, when we (officially) start learning together, thank you, Isaiah.  Thank you for charming me with what you already know all by yourself.  Thank you for taking the chance of being my student.  I’m already hanging onto my seat.

I love you.

Mommy… or as you called me today, Babe.

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