Ten reasons I’m happy

1) Cleaning with a candle: because there was so much to do, and because I knew I couldn’t do it all, I lit a candle as I paced through all the rooms in a whirlwind of cleaning.  Steady, the flame reminded me that there is slow, and the slow exists in spite of the marathon days.

2) Cloth toilet wipes: because it’s really not that big of deal

3) Healthy snacks: veggies with hummus (I want to make more!), wanting to make lacto-fermented carrots, green smoothies

4) Tea rituals: my favorites are Yerba Matte in the morning — so earthy and strong — chai celebrations in the afternoon, and chamomile at night

5) Getting dirty outside — baby in the dirt, big boys climbing dirty hills, me digging in the garden

6) Fair-trade dark chocolate: it has iron in it?

7) Coconut oil: a new gallon in the kitchen.  Good for SO many things.

8) Getting rid of stuff: one of my biggest hobbies… because the less I have, the more I can breathe

9) Bikes and bike rides: my sweet Giant (I bike!) and Isaiah, biking without training wheels for a whole week now.  Confidence and freedom grows.

10) Holy Week: I tremble as I head toward the cross in the book of John.  That I am forgiven!  That I am loved, known, made for loving others!

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