Pursuing Water

My friend Rachel said it years ago, and somehow I haven’t been able to shake it from my mind.  To paraphrase:  “Maybe if you write while your kids are young, rather than setting it on the back burner, you’ll inspire them.”

Nice idea.  But impossible, perhaps?

Educating our kids at home, I thought, would be the kicker.  Those added time commitments would definitely ensure that writing be left on the back burner until anything worth eating was crusted over.

It would be Rachel who suggested I read L.L. Barkat.  I started with Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing.  If I can’t buckle down for this whole writing bit, at least I can read about it.

It turns out mamas with young kids, mamas called to creativity, sometimes just can’t block out those whisper-calls.  Through my boy ruckus, they persist.  Barkat’s beautiful title says it all.  Here’s how it (the title, that is) happened:

“Can you find me some water?” I ask.  I’ve been sitting at this picnic for hours and really could use a cup of something simple to drink….

Before I can form another thought, Sara is back.  “There are rumors of water,” she says.  “But I couldn’t find any.”

I have been trying to write while raising my girls.  I have been struggling.  There are days I feel wildly creative; there are weeks when I feel ground down and completely spent.  I am trying to show my girls that creativity is theirs for the taking.  Sometimes it seems to be.  Sometimes I feel the road is so long they will never get where they’re trying to go.

There are so many things standing in my way this morning, I can hardly begin.  Yet I’ve heard there are rumors of water.  Maybe that is enough.

I’ve caught wind of these rumors, too.  Even if it takes running to City Park with my computer for a meager 45 minutes at my own picnic table, I pursue that of which the rumors have whispered.  I put my back to the unexpected wind outside and squeeze my shivering arms into the sleeves of a 4T hoodie.  Forty-five minutes might just dredge up a cupful of water from this encrusted pot, but a cupful is still a cupful.

Here, for now, I’ll offer this one to you as evidence.

    • clbeyer
    • September 10th, 2012

    Amber Haines at theRunaMuck has prompted a series of writing prompts. Today she uses the image of a cup:


  1. I love that… rumors of water. I run through seasons: stints of much creativity – writing or painting or both – and then drought. I’m learning to roll with it, trying not to be so all or nothing. I write when I can’t not write, paint when words won’t come. This was encouraging to me today. Thank you.

  2. I understand well your fighting for it (words, and time).

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