How to Not Make Bad Ozone

an article dictated by Isaiah, age 5 1/2, after learning about the earth’s atmosphere

Bad ozone is bad for the earth, and good ozone is good for the earth.  So when you use electronics, it creates bad ozone.  And bikes are good, and also things that are not electronics.  So I would use solar panels, and things like walking would be good.  And I wouldn’t play electric guitar or I wouldn’t play any instruments that are electric.  And tell people not to use mowers or weedeaters, and I would use machetes instead.  If you want to get cooled down, I would not use air conditioners.  I would sit down under a tree.  And if you want to make stuff, I would not use blenders.  I would just stir.  And this is how you can take a bath: get a pan of cold water and put it in the bathtub.  Then get another pan of water and heat it over the fire and then pour it in the bathtub, and then you can have a nice, nice warm bath.

(Good thing we’re not cooking our food right this instant.)

  1. No electric guitar! Hmmm.

    Great dictation, Isaiah!

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