I’m Growing!

I wonder if I’m growing.
I wonder if I’m growing.
My mom says yes I’m growing,
But it’s hard for me to see.

My mom says “Eat your sandwich,
It will make you grow up tall.”
But when I eat my sandwich,
I’m hardly bigger at all….

My mom says, “Wash your hands now,
Then you can go and play.”
Hey! I can reach the tap now,
For the very first time today.

And I think I must be growing.
Oh, I know I’m really growing.
My mom says yes I’m growing,
And now I know it’s true.

Do you know that Raffi song?  It’s been running round my head these past few weeks, assuring me that it’s okay to feel giddy as a child.  Because you know what?  Just like little hands reaching the water tap for the first time, affirmations of growth are announcing that there’s been change in me.  I’m growing!

My thirsty roots down by the riverside of God’s Word have sucked up enough nourishment to start shooting out something on my branches.  And I will not hide my face in shame to say this: people have noticed.  No, I cannot hide my face in bashfulness because it is pure grace.  I am His workmanship, a temple built on the foundation of Christ and tended by God Himself and by the fellow laborers who are my brothers and sisters and Christ.

Growing:  you never know when it’s happening, you know?  And then all of a sudden someone says something and it takes you off-guard.

You mean me?  You’ve seen — do I dare say it? — LOVE in… me?

You want ME to disciple you?  Are there really attributes worth duplicating?

This decision toward righteousness I’ve made — you can really validate that?

Oh, I am humbled to hear from people who report to having seen growth, humbled by the One who enabled it, humbled because for once I can believe it without shame.  It sends a fresh flood of affection for Father God surging all through me.  And what’s more, the sweet Spirit of the Lord keeps making connections between the truths of Scripture and my real, true, here-and-now life.  And I feel like I’m five again, and things like bike-riding and pumping my legs on a swing and reading are all finally starting to click.

I can hardly keep from stretching my arms wide and shouting praise up into the great big sky.

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