The Humility Story: Consuming Fire

I stoked the fire in the middle of the night to fend off the chill.  By this morning, the dry logs were consumed, overtaken by the fire. Transformed by flame, they became more than logs, but glowing embers, intense and bright hot.

          All-consuming fire,

          consume me.

It is hard not to think about humility in this glowing display of submission and usefulness. Pressed as close to the wood stove as can be, I let the morning cold melt as I read.

We belong to You, and You are the Incomprehensible–incomprehensible in Your Being, and even more so in Your ways and judgments….

But if You were not incomprehensible, You would be inferior to me, for my mind could grasp and assimilate You.  You would belong to me, instead of I to You. And that would truly be hell, if I should belong only to myself!  It would be the fate of the damned, to be doomed to pace up and down for all eternity in the cramped and confining prison of my own finiteness.

-Karl Rahner, Encounters with Silence

Would you like to join me?  The Humility Story is yours, too.  If you have a scene from this story you’d like to blog about, feel free to leave your link in the comments.  We’ll continue this journey together.

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