Donate for a chance to receive my first bound book of poetry!

My heart is very much wrapped up in what I have to share with you today.

Just a couple weeks ago, our friends Matt and Bronwyn adopted a newborn girl, in a process that flew by much more speedily than they had anticipated. The entrance of a new baby in family life is always soul-churning, but all the more so when a birth mother’s story of loss is overlapping your own. Talking with Bronwyn last week was quiet and hard and beautiful. Her new daughter Delilah was wrapped tightly next to Bronwyn’s body.

Matt and Bronwyn are hoping to raise enough funds to cover the remaining costs associated with the adoption. They have a large amount already, but at the time the baby was born, they were approximately $15,000 short. Yes, adoption is expensive. Sometimes I wish these journeys weren’t all tied up in money, but hopefully knowing Matt and Bronwyn’s story and reading about this donation opportunity will make it more sweet.

Beyond financial gifts, I decided to contribute by compiling a simple bound collection of 13 poems I’ve written. This is the first time I have offered my writing in print to a large audience, so I’m warmed and thrilled by this opportunity. My friend Amanda, an artist and deep lover of people, has bound this collection so I can offer it to one of you.

The collection is called Let It Be Unto Me: Poems for Advent. While some of the poetry has shown up on my blog, seven poems have never been published elsewhere.


How does this benefit Matt and Bronwyn, you ask?

I am offering my poetry collection as the winning gift of a raffle. This is the continuation of an idea launched by the creative and thoughtful Carmen. To enter the raffle for my poetry book, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Donate link on the bottom of this post.
  2. Give securely via Paypal — however much you’d like to contribute toward Matt and Bronwyn’s adoption.  All the funds raised will go to them.
  3. You receive one raffle entry for every $5 you give.
  4. I will draw randomly among all the raffle entries on Tuesday, December 17, to determine the one recipient of Let It Be Unto Me.


I am looking forward to sharing these words with you and especially teaming together with you for the benefit of Matt and Bronwyn’s family.

.          .          .          .



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