An Artist’s Prayer

I have been pressing forward in my writing even though the odds of relational and logistical stress have been more weighty than ever. Add that to the mix of a slow-coming spring, and it’s easy to assume that everything will always be grey. In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be that dismal. This may have been a heavy winter in the midwest, but it also creates the opportune backdrop for hope.

Inspired by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, I wrote a daily prayer that reflects the truths in which I’ve been resting. If you are an artist (and I believe you are!), you may want to use the prayer or write your own.

Dear Abba, my holy Mama, my Savior Jesus, my present Spirit-God–

I lift to you these hands, these eyes and ears, this voice, this body, this mind, and this heart for your creative purposes.

I acknowledge and honor you as the source of all my creativity, and I worship you as the Great Creator who desires to create miraculous art through me.

I believe — and confess in your presence — that my most beautiful art works with, and not in opposition to, my relationships. Your purpose for me is to love, and as I admit, accept, and live that love, I create the most stunning masterpieces.

I commit to resting in your presence.

I commit to curiosity and not knowledge.

I commit to you my failures, knowing that you have already atoned for them all.

I commit to loving you, myself, and others.

I commit to forgiveness toward myself and others.

I commit to humility and courage — two love-birthed garments to wear every day.

I commit to taking loving, creative risks in faith, even when I don’t fully understand the outcomes.

I give you, Creator-God, glory for all good and all love that flows through me, and I name you as the place in which I find rest, peace, and everlasting, abundant life.

I acknowledge that none of my declarations can generate this new life and that it is all due to the regenerative power and grace of your Son. I offer myself boldly and freely according to what you have already shown me — what I have seen with my eyes that you alone have opened.

I ask that you would help me to denounce the lies of the enemy, as well as his plans for destruction.

I trust that you will allow only the suffering that is being used to generate creative glory for your Son, so I can accept it without bitterness, guilt, or reproach.

I accept the everlasting life, freedom, and joy you have offered me today. I am made for living fully in you and for your name’s glory.

Humbly, joyfully creating,


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