Poem 24, National Poetry Month: Garish Dawn

Ah, there is sweet grace when I am sick, as I have been this week. These daily poems are having trouble being formed at all.

Morgan Guyton, a blogger and pastor whom I met at the Festival of Faith and Writing, did the work for me today. Morgan attended a Festival poetry reading in which I read three of my poems: “What Winter Leaves Bare,” “The Sacred Disgust,” and “Garish Dawn.”

I offered “Garish Dawn” as a printed poetry gift to those who contributed to the adoption fundraiser I hosted in 2013, but it hasn’t yet appeared on the web. It’s proven to be good material for spoken word, however, and it was a delight to be able to share it again this month, just weeks after Annunciation clicked by on the calendar. I am always humbled by the warm response this piece receives.

Stop over at Morgan’s blog to read it.  (Credit for the painting of me goes–again–to the talented Amanda Olinger.)

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