“Awakening” is my poem that resulted from Week 1 in Dave Harrity’s brilliant creative exercise Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity and the Kingdom at HandI don’t think he said as much, but I do believe Dave intends to make his readers into poets, or recognize that we already are.

He says: “Writing is an active, but not busy, action–not business that impedes the contemplative or prayerful. It’s a slowing way.

This week, I dared to slow myself and listen to thoughts long enough to explore them, and this was one result.



I remember the way you used to speak to me,
as you drove a screw into my head.
It was as if I never had a lilted walk
or thought, or lifted lump of dough
to breathe in reclamation–
smoke! The queen on a fifty-pence coin–
does she belong there, even? I imagine
it’s healthy to stay hungry often, but
a cairn falls into my mouth. I eat
the ash from off my forehead and taste
the serious chai that misses honey,
forgets to laugh. Nothing is awe–
I am twisted a bit still. My hand will
collect leaven, and Satan may yet be whole.


Here’s a good interview with Dave Harrity from Ruminate magazine.

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